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NEXT MEETING Our next meeting will be held on 02/02/2017 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 1080 Coverstone Dr. Upcoming Events
-Trump strikes back after House Dem says he's not a legitimate President. http://tinyurl.com/jvasgjs This is the meme from the Dems.  Trump is having none of it! -Obama celebrities who were awarded the Medal of Freedom. http://tinyurl.com/zu7jnnv Only one deserved it.  The others 'bought' it. -Kellyanne Conway discusses specific plans Donald Trump has for immediate execution. http://tinyurl.com/hrejqb5 Bring it on!!!!! -Don't kid yourself......Donald Trump is winning. http://tinyurl.com/gwkjzfv Don't let the MSM get you down.  Fake news to despite you!!!  -Donald Trump winning war with CNN. http://tinyurl.com/gtbl2tb On to the rest of them!!!!!! -Winning!  Mexicans begin self deporting before Trump Inauguration. http://tinyurl.com/hyw6s8r Probably not enough, but the seed has been planted and there is a plan on the other side of the border. Inauguration Travel Information For those of you who may wish to attend the Inauguration in DC, Schrock Bus Line (Schrocktravel.com), is offering a bus to go down there on January 20. Approximate time of departure is 5 AM, with the approximate time of return 6 PM. The cost is $35.00, and you will need to bring extra money in case the metro has to be taken to and from the drop-off/pick up point. They are still receiving details from the organizers in DC. Here is the contact info for Schrock Travel: Phone is (local)540-678-2871, and ask for Pat Fletcher, or 800-336-3953. This is for tour # 1701201. Some of us have already signed up, it should be an historic event!! Weather report predicts sunny and 50's.
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